I had my xm tuner stolen from my truck so i upgraded to the cda9835 because the old xm tuner was no longer available. I later found out that the xm tuner wasn't going to be available for a month or so. Being the impatient person that i am, i found out that the sirius tuner was readily available for installation, so i just had it installed (at circuit city).

The specs
This unit is very small, small enough that the installer installed it in my dash.

It comes with an antenna, no need to purchase a separate antenna.

Most importantly (price) It's a lot cheaper than my old alpine xm tuner . At right around $130 installed , it's about $100 dollars cheaper).

But how does it perform?

This is where the praise for this unit ends. The unit just doesn't reproduce music well at all (imo). I had the old alpine xm tuner , and the music sounded crisp,and the sound was full. This unit reproduces the music with a restrained feel to it, as if it were poorly compressed/decompressed. Now it may very well be that i don't have the eq presets , or the crossover tweaked just right, but the unit sounds like crap in not so many words. I am not exaggerating here either, believe it , or not FM radio sounds way better.

The bottom line
Would i recommend this unit? No. I am going (as soon as the xm tuner comes out , switching back to xm radio...I'll just have to take a loss on the tuner as i'm sure the used price on it..i'll probably get $50 bucks if i'm lucky....o well i guess u gotta stick with what you know nowdays....if anyone has some suggestions on how to make (or tweak my system for it to sound better) please drop me a line, it very well may be that i'm not doing something right. I don't claim to know everything, but from my limited knowledge, i wouldn't recommend this unit....