first i had the jvc kdlx111 and i thought it was a pretty good cd player (couldn't play mp3's, but still pretty good), but then i got this pioneer cd player, and it makes my 6x9's rattle everything in my 90 camaro, (i took out my system and am currently waiting on my new system in the mail).

FEATURES-detachable faceplate (beeps when you don't take it off within 5 seconds of turning off the car), plays mp3's, has scrolling text but it's only like 8 letters long, i think my jvc was like 25 or somethin', remote, 2 rca outputs...

LOOKS (DISPLAY)-not as good as my jvc, (the jvc had the flip down face and stuff, the pioneer has a blue display, and green buttons)

SOUND-sounds way better than my jvc, same speakers sound louder and crisper

PRICE-i think my jvc was $300 at bestbuy, (i got it before i was into car audio), i think my pioneer was like $180 at wal-mart

INSTALLATION-easy, just connect wire to wire, and that was it?!

OVERALL-great cd player for the money, i don't think i'll be changing it out for a while

i think i'll give it a 8.5/10