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    Eclipse 88120 dvc

    Thought for my first post I would write a review on the Eclipse 88120 sub since no one else has yet...

    First off... This is a replacement for a jl 12w6d2 that blew up on me... So Im using my old sub as a compairson although I have listened and owned alot of other brands...

    Current System setup..
    Relevant parts

    Alpine 7892 HU
    JL Audio 500.1 amp
    Autosound 2k 1/F Cap
    4 guage Power/ground
    Eclipse 88120 dvc

    Lets start off when I opened the box... The sub is cosmetically awesome.. The brushed aluminum cone and rubber sleeve that goes over where you mount it looks really good... They even made sure the baskit on it looks good so it wont matter if you mount it normally or inverted to show the baskit... The speaker termals are of a push type design with a good solid spring on them so the speaker wires wont dislodge from them... The tensel leads are actually part of the spider instead of the normal loop type of leads... Im really pleased with this cause that was one of the problems I had with the JL.. the tensels wouldnt travel the distance the sub would causing one of the reasons I had to replace it..

    Its extremely heavy subwoofer.. Which really isnt a problem except when you are actually installing it... I noticed also that the Eclipse by itself weighed more then the JL and the box combined... (Which ****** cause I live on the 3rd floor of my apartment building.. Then turned around and lugged it back down to the car to go install it)

    On to the sound testing... Well after a good week long break in period to be safe that is...

    I started off with a cd from Kraftwork called Electric Cafe... Its digitally produced kinda like a tecno sound to it in order to test the accuracy of the sub... I can honestly say that I was able to hear each note as it was recorded and was amazed on how well the sub handled all of it.. I was even amazed that I was missing some of the note when I was using the JL...

    I also tested classical, country, and some Jazz... The sub did played everything to the tee without any problems.. Even at high volumes... Which really amazed me...

    After testing accuracy I used a couple of bass cd I have.. Bass Mechanix, P.E.B Bass computer, etc... I also tested it using songs from Eminem, Ja Rule, and Nelly to get the feel of those as well...

    Well what I can tell you is that not only was the sub extremely accurate but when you want it to rattle your eyeballs it will do that without any problems.. Along with rattling the car next you and pretty much the car next to that one as well... I was totally amazed on how well this sub has performed...

    I have now owned this sub for around a year now and it still sounds like the day I got it.. The only down side I found was that the Kicker grille (spiked design) that I was using didnt give the sub enough room.. The Eclipse has a very long throw to it and I have endented parts of the surround from it flexing into the grille.. I have removed the grille and can not find any effects from where it was rubbing or difference in the sub itself...

    Yes the price is a little steep on this subwoofer but after owning it.. It was worth every cent I spent on it and I would do it again in a heart beat...

    I would rate it as follows..

    Accuracy 10/10
    DB 9/10 (would give it 10 but the sub wasnt designed for DB)
    Looks 10/10

    Highly recommend this subwoofer if the price doesnt scare you off...

    Forgot to add in that the coils are rated at 4 ohm each.. I took an ohm meter to them and they are actually 3.2 ohm each.. ran in parrellel to make a 1.6 ohm load..
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