I installed this a month ago and didnt want to review it until I had time with it. I upgraded from a Kenwood KDC-MP8022. Paid 260 including tax locally. Sound was a great improvement. Although changing the settings is much more confusing and complicated than the Kenwood, it gives the user much more control of the entire band of frequencies. After a day you can get used to it. My main complaint is the display, it's hard to read in the daytime. I was gonna get this or the Pioneer DEH-760MP which was twenty bucks less. I chose the Alpine for the 4v preouts and the motorized face. My fear is that the motorized face will break. I'm confident it'll last the year warranty, but I'm not sure about long-term. If I had to do it all over again I wouldn't mind saving twenty bucks to at least TRY the pioneer and see how I like it. In my experience pioneers are a bit easier to use but the alpine really makes you feel like you have control over your system. But the pioneer does have a better display. The motorized face is the only wow factor on the alpine. Anyway, hope this helps.

Verdict: a little pricey but i guess that's what you get for an alpine

Really wouldn't have minded getting an Eclpise that was equivalent in price but I hate the look of a passthru cd player especially for over two bills.