Wow. This thing is the real definition of SICK. Totally unbelievable. The basics: It is an in-dash multimedia HU. It features a motorized 6.5" flat LCD that protrudes from the HU and can be flipped up to view monitor. This thing plays DVD, VCD, CD-R, and CD-RW. It also has a TV tuner which when coupled w/ the proper accessories will recieve DSS Satellite TV and XM Satellite Radio. Let's not forget the hopeless AM-FM tuner as well. The unit can operate multiple hi capacity CD changers and also sports AV inputs for cameras. (The kind you would use for rear view mirror in large vehicles) The HU has every possible adjustment available. It has crossovers, individual amp controls, and a dedicated setup menu just for the 5.1 surround processor. The processor is a separate "hideaway" unit. Connections can be made via standard RCA or optical cables along with a "bus" cable. As complicated as it may seem, wiring was rather painless. As for the operation of this unit, well that will probably take a week or two to figure out. For a preliminary evaluation: I love it! I feel I got a good deal at $400 considering the MSRP was $2800 at one time. All in all, a very sophisticated piece of equipment but well worth the effort to figure out how to operate it.