I was looking at getting a deck here on the site used, but you know how you get that cant wait that long feeling, well i got that bad really bad when i need somthing asap,

So i headed out to our local stereo stores and shopped there and got no deals but did find a deck that i wanted, so i went to wally world aka Wal-Mart and picked up a Pioneer DEH-P3600 for only 176.00 with tax not bad at all

Headed home with my deck and harness and got to work, very easy install to do

I was very impressed with the deck features and screen display and the upgrades that you can do with this deck, you can even hook your cell phone to the deck and 2 sets of rca outs which is awesome for hooking up 2 amps to the deck, not to mention the super tuner IIID, 50Wx4, mosfet, sub-woofer driver, and many more options that go on and on

this is my first review so it is not the best i'm sure but i tried