Pirce paid :: $369 (wholesale)
Date puchased :: june-15-2004
Installed :: june-16-2004
Installer :: me !
Preout V :: 4V
# preouts :: 3 (FR-RE-SU)
Int amp :: 26wrms X 4

This unit has everything I could want, 3 preouts, Optional aux input, 5 band p-eq, seperate bass controll, sub phase adjusment, time correction, bass engine, built in crossover FR-RE-SU, nice graphics, 512 color buttons, and so much more, First of all the clarity is awesome ! Highs lows and mids play clear at high vol. The internal amp is pretty **** good for only 26wrms. Right now front channel is powering 6 1/2 polk db components. Currently running a bd x1500D with a crossfire dbw12 in a .87 cu' sealed, (repalcing amp with infinity 1200d and replacing sub with RE HC12 and bigger ported box) The crossover on this unit is very impressive, adjusting every aspect u could want, I have had a little over a week to test this unit and all is smooth, The unit has tilt feature which could be usefull is you mount you head unit somwhere low, and alpine has a "swing-face" which the face is motorized to swing down on eject. I do reccomend purchasing this unit, My previous hu was a pioneer deh-p9300, Alpine blows the pioneer away no problem ! There are 5 different screensaver to choose from, clouds, ocean, race car, space, water drop, the screen is kinda like black/white/yellow alpine calls it bio-light, I call it sweet screen. All around I am pleased with this unit, and know I have owned alot of head unit over the past couple MONTHS, and this is the best so far !