I upgraded my old Pioneer DEH-P8400MP (NOT PREMIER) to this new DEH-P860MP Premier HU. I was blown away at the difference in features this HU had. For starters, for those of you who only want a HU to listen to music, not have to adjust much, and basically have mp3 features, THIS IS NOT THE DECK FOR YOU!!! As soon as I had connected my HU, I was flooded with initial questions, about what the hell anything was. BIG TIP: READ THE MANUAL BEFORE EVEN CONNECTING THE STEREO. Get a feel for it before connecting it. After connecting, carry your manual around if you want to adjust your HU. YOU WILL NEED IT!

PROS: It has more features than the older pioneer models, including 13 band equalizer. I love adjusting the equalizer. also, you can input your own pictures into the deck v.i.a. CD-R with a program you can find on the pioneer website (www.pioneerelectronics.com) The sound is fantastic, (AFTER 3-4 DAYS!). New feature where on the HU itself, there is a switch to move from standard mode, to Network mode, for those of you that may have more amps and component systems installed. Both front and rear high pass filters. Adjust the front speakers for less bass than the back speakers. I have it setup to a 200HZ and up for the front speakers, but 160HZ and up for the rear 6x9s. The subwoofer has a new feature where you can adjust the cutoff of the bass. very cool, if you want it to cut it off at exactly the frequency you want, or let it pass just a little bit more. 6.5V preamp outputs. WOW! is all I can say for that.

CONS: You will have to take time to adjust it. Lots of time. You can't simply plug it in, and drive off and expect it to sound 100%. Don't even think of adjusting it while driving. You'll get a headache, or have an accident. Big manual, that doesnt' help much. The Equalizer affects your subwoofers, so don't mess with the lower frequencies too much. The High pass filters don't work too well with the rear speakers. I adjusted the bass on the equilizers (50 80 100 200) and I still get alot of bass on the rear speakers. There is a new feature called the auto-Equilizer, which comes with a microphone you connect to the bottom of the face. it should adjust your equilizer based on time alignment and how far your speakers are to you, but it still sounds like sh** after running the AutoEQ 5 times. 6.5V preamp outputs don't exactly go well with older amps, ( bye bye 10 year old MTX RT2200X) Newer amps can handle high voltage, older ones burn and cut out.


Sound Quality - 9/10
Looks - 10/10
Features - 8/10 (6.5V, for those that crave high voltages!)
Ease of use - 3/10
Price - 7/10 ($310 On ebay, where I got mine, any where else your looking at around $499-600)
Overall - 9.3/10

Basically, this is for those who want a little more. For those car audio nuts like me. That really like to mess around with all there ****, and add more things than are necessary/needed. lol.