Purchased for 460 dollars off of ebay (no one around me sells them)
Previously owned DXZ735, loved it
53x4 watts, 18x4 RMS (it seems like a lot more though)
DXZ945 plays MP3 and all the CD's you can imagine, plus has sub outs, independant sub leveling, aux in, rca outs for fronts and rears, and a bajillion other features that are too numerous to list, although they include an anti-distortion filter, touch screen, pretty high quality black and white screen w/some pretty nice screen savers, 2-zone (i.e. cd in front, radio in back), custom vehicle settings, and all sorts of other nice stuff.
This is the best head unit i've ever seen without getting into dvd/nav systems. I absolutely love it, and so does everyone else who's seen it.. including the guy that works at a rival audio place, and every chick that's sat in the passenger seat (but noone touches my tunes besides me). The HPF and LPF settings are nice.. although it could have more than just through/50/80/120 on both.
I give the DXZ945 10 out of 10, and although it carries a 900 dollar MSRP (which it's worth), you can get it for 460 off a respected ebay store, and it's definitely worth it.