Review of Head Unit: Sony CDX-GT565UP

On arrival, I was very excited to receive this head unit. 1 week later, the unit was installed, and I was just as happy. Install went very smoothly.

1. Very easy install. Came with instructions, as do most head units.
2. Easy navigation. I can usually find any song on my iPod in >15 seconds after getting used to using it.
3. I like the usability. CDs, Auxilary input, USB input, along with interface controls on the unit. Makes it really nice that I don't have to play around with my iPod - I just leave it in the center console connected to the unit via USB.
4. Pandora accessible. I haven't used this feature much because I don't have an iPhone, but I had one friend with an iPhone try it. It worked very nice - all features were available and easy to use.
5. The remote. One of my favorite features to the unit. Easy to use, and durable as hell. I lost this thing out of my car, and 3 days and 2 thunderstorms later, I found it on the gravel, still fully functional. That really wow-ed me.
6. Over 35,000 colors installed on the head unit. Totally awesome, you can make the color match just about any interior lighting.

1. Only 2 sets of RCAs on the back of the head unit. This means that I can't wire 2 separate amps for my sub stage and mids. This bugged me.
2. 2v pre-outs. Most head units are 4v, which makes a big difference.

Overall, I'm very happy with the product. Accessibility, features, the whole 9-yards. There are a few things I'd change on it, but, again - this was a generally nice head unit. For $100, I'd say I got a good deal. I'm happy with my purchase.