i've had this unit for a few weeks now, so i thought i would write a little review on it.
the features are just plain sweet. for sound, there are two modes, normal and pro. normal mode offers you quick and simple adjustments of crossover, eq, and time alignment. for most people, normal mode is acceptable. in pro mode, the adjustments take more time and knowledge to make, but it allows for more fine tuning.
the display on the unit is nice and big, but it gets washed out in sunlight very easily. it would have also been nice if the clock on the screen could be displayed larger, its small and in the corner. i like how the button illumination can be changed from green to red, its not as extensive as some other units available, but it works.
the controls are great. i like the dual rotary knobs, one for volume and the other to change tracks. however, it would have been nice if the knobs were retractable like my old clarion dxz835mp, but its not a big deal. the remote control for the unit is cool to, i especially like how its large and fits in your hand comfortably.
the unit plays back cd's really fast. load the disc and it almost instantly plays, and it has no problems with the cd-r's i've played in it.
the unit face is solid, the buttons and all, but the part i dislike about it is the fake plastic aluminum trim on the face. they could have used aluminum like clarion did with the dxz835mp. the rest of the deck is fine though.
the back of this unit bugs me also. way too many wires sticking out the rear. i understand that has to have these because of the balanced line outs and such, but now everyone uses those. it would have been nice if they made those into a harness, so if you didnt need all the extra pre outs and inputs, you can just unplug the harness.
overall, i am very pleased with this unit. its built well, performs great, has plenty of features, and has future potential to (sirius satelite will be available soon, and e-com adds mp3 and voice command to the unit).