The only thing that describes this hu is wow. it has built in x-over, fades and nonfades, Q setting, you can actually pick what kind of car you drive so optimize the sound performance and with 8v preouts thats just the icing the the cake. The customization is by far, from what ive seen, incredable. you can pick what color you want the button lights (only 2 choices of red and green but still) the angle the face sets at, and plus that if you ever fill the need to tinker it has a normal and a pro mode. normal mode is well normal, but when you step into pro mode you really feel that you put your money in the right place. you can choose the delays on your speakers to compensate where your sitting, youve got your PEQ's everything is hear its just a really well balanced model. Add on ESN and youve got a really good investment.