Review of Head Unit:

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I recently bought the JVC KD-R320 Single DIN Receiver and man am I impressed. To start off with, the design. The design is great, the buttons are a decent amount of space apart so you won't get the buttons confused. Must I mention the beautiful bright neon red it glows? Yeah it does that. The thing I love about this headunit is when one push of a button on the face of the radio it changes the brightness setting to night and day. I personally hate it when the sun is shining so bright that you cannot even see your radio display, and this fixes that problem.

Another thing I love it has Dual AUX inputs. One for the rear, and one on the front. You can switch these within the settings of the radio. I was doing an install one time where my aux cord got in the way when I plugged it into the front of the radio, so I plugged it into the back one and it worked wonders.

This headunit has a built in Mos-fet amp which puts out 50 watts x 4 channels, but 20 watts RMS on those 4 channels. This radio comes with a very small remote which I love, it's very simple to use and feels great in your hand.

This headunit is ready for Bluetooth wireless technology in which you plug a bluetooth adapter in one of the aux ports, and is MP3 and WMA CD compatible.

It's got a 3 band parametric iEQ where you can set the bass, mids, and treble. All of these setting will go up to +6 and go down to -6, but come preset to a flat EQ setting on everything 0. Has a loudness control also.

My all time favorite thing about this radio is the bass, mid and high settings. You can fine tune these setting through the "Pro EQ" inside the headunit. You can adjust the frequences you want played by each band EQ, bass, mids, and treble. The bass setting comes preset to 80 Hz, but you can put it down to 60 for running a subwoofer, and it will go all the way up to 200 Hz. What this is saying is you do not want your headunit playing anything above the selected frequencies.

Has one set of RCA plugins on the back. You can choose within the settings whether you have a subwoofer hooked up, or whether you have rear channel speakers through an external amp, and set the settings accordingly. When you plug an amp into this headunit, it has a subwoofer level and a Sub Woofer LPF in which you set the frequency number. Whatever you set the frequency to, everything lower than that set frequency will be played through your subwoofer. The frequencies are 55 Hz, 85 Hz, and 120 Hz. Also has a HPF setting, you can choose on or off. With it on, it greatly diminishes the bass through speakers (Not including an external amp though).

Also has the usual fader and balance. Has a great setting called "AMP GAIN". This isn't for an external amp, it's for the radio itself. When you set it on low power, your radio only goes up to the volume of 30, and when set on high power, it goes all the way up to 50. This is great when you don't want to damage your speakers at too high of a listening volume.

You can also choose where in the world you are while in the tuner setting, and wherever you choose it will locate the strongest signaled radio stations for that area. Has AM and FM radio, in which you can turn off the AM radio within the settings.

I know we've all been through the pain of a speaker wire coming loose and touching metal on the chassis of the vehicle. This can and has been known to blow radios, but not this one. When that happens, this radio says check wiring and cuts off the signal to all the speakers so no more current can freely flow. If you've totally messed up on the settings and you have no idea what you have done, just take the faceplate off and there is a very tiny reset button. Pressing this reset button sets all the settings back to factory default.

You can literally set anything and everything settings wise in this headunit. I would definitely recommend it to everyone wanting an all around great radio. I had a Sony Xplod CDX-GT09 in the same vehicle and when I switched that headunit to this one, I was amazed at the sound quality difference. It is really a great radio. So go out and buy it, for only $99.95 USD you CANNOT beat it.

Link to the headunit and all the manuals: JVC Mobile Entertainment \ Single-DIN CD Receiver - KD-R320 \ Introduction