Review of Head Unit:

Instead of putting all the technical specs you guys can find it all here
JVC KD-HDR50 CD receiver at


Picked this unit up for $45 and besides the pre-amp voltage it has been hands down the best deck i have ever owned. The way you can customize everything is incredible!

Aesthetic wise you can literally put this radio in ANY color you can think of to either match your cars color or interior (mine is currently set to blue). and at night its pretty bright.

Equalizer settings are epic. you can choose from built in ones or create your own. it gives you the options of "sub/lows/mids/mid-highs/highs/ultra high/" and with these settings i didnt think 13yo speakers could still sound so crispy and decent.

Other features are sub levels which you can use to turn just the sub down/crank it all the way/or just turn it off completely. You can also do "Low Power" on the radio which will cap the volume at 30...or "High Power" which will cap the power at 50. or you can turn it off which will just let the subwoofer play (which would be perfect for people getting metered on music,and also if you need to check your sub setup without the interior speakers playing)

This radio will support USB flash drives and External HDD's (though the cable needs to be a bit thick). i have a 100gb HDD in my glove box which is very convenient. Also the CD player portion works great but i have never used an iPod nor never used the radio. But who still listens to radio lol.

The only 2 cons about this radio is the Menu and settings which is a PITA to get through. It will frustrate you for about a week or 2. but once you get the menu down. it's pretty easy from there. The other con is that the preamp is only 2.5v :\...My amp in the trunk is set at 75% in order for it to hit properly...Had it like this for almost 2 years now and no problems

Overall i'd give this radio a 8.5-9/10. Very solid deck,not flimsy,a TON of features for your sound and who doesn't like cool colors? lmao. I'd recommended this unit to anyone who is in the market for a radio even though it is discontinued.