Review of Head Unit:
This Head Unit was just released about 1.5 weeks ago. I have been awaiting the release because I like the newer features and the VOLUME KNOB!!!! Without steering wheel controls on my 01' it makes it far more difficult to take your eyes off the road to search for tiny little volume buttons. Or at least for me that is.
Bluetooth is the best I have used and heard in any vehicle.
aha internet radio
the HU is basically an iPod with all of the scrolling features.
Being able to read the full title, artist and album of every song
Back up camera
Being able to see behind me via rear camera as I drive down the road
3D Nav
Having about 10 colors for your illumination to choose from. The green didn't match but you have a customization option to blend the colors to match your dash perfectly.
You can stream Pandora and ipod music
Detachable face(haven't tried to figure this out yet)
E-Brake video bypass(being able to watch movies while in drive
The layout is great
Made speakers sound 5x's better

Only two that I can think of, and that is there can be some glare on the screen during the day making it hard to see the display. I had the front windows tinted today so we will see if that helps.
The display does not tilt.