Review of Head Unit: I have the MVH 8200BT, so I am doing a review. I purchased it off of Crutchfield for $200 shipped and with the wiring harness, which is a pretty good deal. It had 3 pairs of RCA 4 volt preouts so you can hook up subs. I haven't used the bluetooth because I don't have a phone so I can't comment on it
Easy to see, the display is very bright
Very Intuitive, the controls are not confusing
Ipod connectivity is fantastic, you can choose which way to control the ipod, through the deck or through the ipod
Front auxilary port for those without ipods
The EQ is pretty good and functions very well, sound shaping helps alot and is easy to use because of the graphic display
SD card slot
And the best part is that it changes colors. lol jk but its kinda cool

Sometimes it would be nice to have dedicated buttons instead pull down menus. Its not a huge deal but sometimes annoying
The control stick can be hard to use when its bumpy, and you basically have to use it to do amost anything

MVH-8200BT Bluetooth Digital Media Receiver with 3-inch Screen - Pioneer Car Stereo - Digital Media Receiver