XAV-60 | Double DIN A/V Center | Sony | Sony Style USA

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Vehicle it went into is a 2008 Nissan Rogue SL, used a Scosche Installation Kit and American Internation wiring harness. Install went very cut an dry. had the usual Nissan no ground harness but was easy to find new ground.

Pros: unit is very aesthetically pleasing with a nice piano finish. has a ton of functions and is easy to navigate. has really kul touch screen control, you can slide your finger left or right the screen to track forward or backwards as well as up or down to album. has time alignment control and 7 band EQ. Excellent picture quality on either DVD or iPod.

Cons: this unit only has 1 down fall, it's SUPER SLOW. changing channels on radio or SAT is fine but iPod control is slllllooooowwwww. if the iPod control was faster this unit would be the greatest at the price point. when changing tracks, it take about 2-3 seconds to get to next song.

I have hooked up everything on this unit and it does well on all things you can hook up. sound quality is on par, does not distort till 49/50 on volume knob. the time alignment feature is done via a picture map when making adjustments, it's really easy to adjust but I have mine turned off. the 2V pre amp output is probably a kill for most ppl but I have mine going to an Audiocontrol 6XS and that puts it to a kul 7V. I did hook up everything without the 6XS and the sound was great. the Stage 2 EQ7 that is built into the unit is very good, the frequencies are a little different than what most are use to but it does an excellent job of adjusting the sound to your personal preference.

Recommendation: if you are a frequent track changer and you'll be using an Ipod, this is probably not the unit for you. If you don't mind a slower ipod control and want all the other features, this unit is an excellent buy. I bought mine on ebay for $280 shipped and than paid the $30 for the Square Trade Warranty. I have not had a single issue with this unit to date. I've had my unit installed for about 4 months now. I got it when it was first released.

Sony has definitely stepped up it's game in the Car Audio world since the days of the "Xplod". Sony's new line of receiver are definitely a contender now.