I was looking around for a high end deck and found a few nice looking alpines, a clarion, a Panasonic, and an eclipse. I set my price limit at $500 and started researching the decks. I went for the eclipse and this is why

1. 3 sets of 8v preouts
2. The preouts are marked High mid and low and the unit has internal EQ and crossovers that can adjust the preouts individually.
3. Time alignment
4. Very **** sleek looks
5. You can only buy from authorized dealers - This way alot less people will have my deck. I am an installer and see way to many Panasonic and alpine decks, along with other Internet decks.
6. ESP and theft protection - The unit works with CD key operation, if the power is unplugged the unit becomes locked. To unlock it you either need the CD key or you need all of your registration information to call up Eclipse and have them unlock it for you. If the deck is stolen it is traced electronically so if it is recovered they will get it back to you. If it is stolen within the first year eclipse will give you a new one free.
7. Quality - Eclipse is known for making very high quality components and the components of this deck are no exception.
8. Those really kewl anti theft stickers to put on your car. I always wanted some of those.

1. May be a good thing too but, If you need to call eclipse to unlock the deck they are purposely paid to treat you like you just stole the deck. At least until they verify your information
2. Not a very flashy deck. Only 2 colors to choose from for buttons. The display is always blue ... but a very **** blue

1. No removable face - however IMO this is rectified by the ESP
2. Price - If you haven't noticed you can only buy new eclipse decks from authorized dealers. Nothing online. This deck cost me around $500 but IMO it was well worth it for what I got.

I used to own a Sony... I'm sorry.

From now on I will never stray from the light side of the eclipse.