i got a killer deal on this HU from eBay...255 shipped. it normally sells for ~400 bucks (or at least how much it is on thezeb right now). but there are plenty of them on eBay right now.

i chose this head unit for a number of reasons. i didn't want alpine (because everyone has alpine) and this HU just looked plain sick. i like the changing colors and stuff no im not gay...

but anyways...this HU comes with everything you need to install it. it has 3 sets of RCA outputs (with 4v preouts) which is great. i doubt these preouts are overrated as were my sony preouts...install was as easy as it gets.

now for the unit itself. there isn't a great EQ on this unit...semi-parametric 3-band EQ i believe. it has some presets, but you can program your own if you want to. its a so-so EQ, but that doesnt really matter to me. you can't really get a nice EQ unless you want to get something like the alpine 9815..which will set you back a bit.

this unit has dual 24-bit DACs...very nice. there was a noticeable difference in SQ from my sony deck.

the MP3 player on this deck is great also...its a tad slow to start up, but in between tracks its plenty fast. there is also text that you can program for your CDs (i dont know how to...) and you can give radio stations text also.

at around this price, you could get the pioneer 740/7400mp or the alpine 9811, and i can't imagine that either of those decks could beat this one severely in any category.

the only downside to this deck is that the display gets a tad washed out in the daylight, but i think that most do...

PM me with any questions