After all the good reviews on this headunit I decided to give it a shot. Upon first inspection I was impressed. Seemed like a solid, classy headunit. Nice carrying case from the faceplate, everything seemed well thought out.
It was even better for me b/c I got a $20 savings for open box and $20 savings for a friend referral from crutchfield. Plus all the nice installation items.

So I must admit my only fault. I used the factory harness for ground, ACC, and power. I normally don't but I didn't hear anything about weak RCA outputs and frankly had enough stuff to do to this car that I didn't want to mess around w/ that too. Everything installed nicely and I was very impressed w/ the amount of options on the headunit.

I probably went on a total of three drives with the thing. On the fourth I'm driving down the road and I ask the woman to change to the next track. About 5 secs later after the song change, "POP!!, HISS!,". Noise from then on from all RCA outputs. I tried new RCA cables and eventually tried a old headunit I had laying around. No noise. So off it went to the nearest warranted repair shop 30 mins away.

Hopefully this all works out in the end but I'm not a happy camper right now. So let me ask, is this my fault. Both Kenwood and the repair shop didn't think it mattered if I ran my own wires or not. What do you guys all think about my luck? ....Peronally, I just think my wife has the kiss of death. This isn't the first time something has broke directly after she touched it.