Hey guys I am new to the forums here but I figured I could get some good feedback from all you guys.
I am willing to spend $400 on a new headunit. My first question to you guys is if a navigation system built-in is reliable/worth spending an extra 100-200 dollars just to have navigation built in? Or should I just resort to a regular Garmin or Tom Tom?
If you believe it is worth it, please by all means recommend a headunit to me. I would love to have bluetooth built-in and Ipod controls through the unit with it as well. This is the one I was thinking about: Dual XDVDN8190

If you believe it is not worth it, please give me reasons why, and recommend a head unit with great sound quality with built-in bluetooth/ipod controls. I am currently looking at this:
Alpine CDA-9886. I heard you cannot really go wrong with an Alpine. Only downfall is that it does not have blue tooth built-in.

Please just let me know if you would not mine, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.