This is another x993 review. I just installed mine today after weeks of looking at it and dreading taking the dash apart to install it. I have a 94 B-body(caprice) and installing any radio in one of these bad boys can be a handfull. Anyway I purchased this HU over the alpine 9887. at first I was skeptical in buying the kenwood x993 over the highly coveted alpine 9887 but oveall I am very very happy with my purchase.This HU has a ton of features and I feel like I’ve just begun to delv in manual so I can get all the deck functions figured out. It’s a good SQ deck if you’re into SQ IMO.

The display is very difficult to read in direct sun.
So many functions can be intimidating and the manual is somewhat helpful.
At first navigating the menus are a little hard. You will have do all your sound shaping and set presets before you move because of the poor display lighting during the day its hard to do while driving.
Many sound shaping functions it's an SQ guys funland
The cd quality is topnotch
The fm/am stations are clear

I will list more pro's and cons as I explore this wonderful deck. Off first impression this deck kicks ***. Again I will go into depth about this deck in the up comming days as I explore more.