Picture of HU


Cost: ~$189 including harness, dash kit @ sounddomain.com

notable features:

*MOSFET 50W x 4
*XM Satellite Radio Ready
8-character display for XM Radio text (no scroll) with GEX-P900XM or GEX-FM903XM
16-character display for XM Radio text (auto-scroll) GEX-P910XM or GEX-FM913XM
XM Mode (Channel/Category) key
*Card Remote
*Rotary Volume Control (Pop-Up)
*EEQ with EQ-EX Performance Chip
3-Band Parametric Equalizer (Adjustable Level, Frequency and Q Factor)
Easy EQ (EEQ) with EQ-EX switches 10 Factory, 2 User EQ Presets
Source Custom EQ Memory (Independent Custom Memory for each source)
Selectable Loudness Control (Low/Mid/High/Off)
*SFEQ (Sound Focus EQ)
Additional Independent Bass / Treble Control for Front / Rear
*RCA Preouts (x2 pair, Front & Non-Fading or Front & Sub) (2V)
*MP3 player


I put this in my friend's car, and i was impressed. Cheap hu that has some really nice features. The preset equalizers, and the EQ-EX performance chip really make a difference. The internal amp is pretty clean, i also put some crystal coaxials in the frontt and even @ loud temps they both sound clean.

The MP3 player is another thing tho. It's quite but however it's kinda slow to access the mp3 files at first. When you first put the cd it takes quite a bit, n then it takes prob 3-5 secs to access each song. I haven't had the chance to put an mp3 cd with different folders, but might guess right now would be that it would still take a little bit of time.

The radio reception is quite good taking into account that his antenna is ****ed up pretty bad.

So overall, a hu for this price is pretty good. i was considering on buying it for someone else already, and after playing with it already i dont think i would regret buying another one for someone else.

More pics will be available at my website within the next few weeks