If you are like me and considering buying an Alpine IVA-W205 or IVA-W505 head unit and upgrading to GPS navigation by buying an Alpine Blackbird PMD-B200 to go with it... DO NOT DO IT.

I have had my Alpine Blackbird PMD-B200 for three months now, and it has been replaced five ( 5 ) times now!!!

It has had various problems: yellowing screen color, skipping/popping audio playback, frozen navigation screens, navigation quitting altogether, bluetooth not connecting with anything, etc. I can honestly say that this is the owrst product that I have ever bought as far as reliability. The one I currently have is having problems in the fact that it will not connect to any bluetooth devices at all.

Overall, this product is a dud and a lemon. I have been through five ( 5 ) of them now, and this is really getting annoying. End of narrative.