So, I finally upgraded to the 800PRS from my old faithful 860MP. If you know anything about this line of HU's, you already know they sound great, have more than enough sound-shaping features.

I have only used it for a day now, here are my positive observations so far.

The 16 band eq is great! I can now tune freqs 20hz and 31.5hz for that deep low bass, the 860MP only went as low as 50hz.

You can disable the internal amp.

It has 1 extra AUX input option over the 860MP.

You can mono or stereo the SW output.

Here are some of the things I dislike about it so far:

The 860MP has teeth on the knobs, the 800's knobs are smooth and take a little extra grip to turn.

There are no buttons for tuner presets on the face.

The screen is smaller and sort of boring.

You have to hit the "Exit" button to leave the menus.

All-in-All, Its an awesome HQ SQ unit. For those that like to adjust and tune, It does everything you could ever want! I just wish I could have the face of the 860MP with the deck of the 800PRS!