Hi all,1st post here.Glad to have finally found a very active car stereo forum.
I just installed my new JVC head unit this past weekend and after having a week to play with it I thought I would share my thoughts about it.

First of all, this unit replaced a Blaupunkt Cassablanca CD 50 head unit that I had been using for the past several years. I wanted a receiver with built in USB so I got the JVC on sale from Crutchfield.

This installation was easy what with the freebies Crutchfield always gives you. And as with most new units,the learning curve on this one has been pretty steep.
Lots of bells and whistles to figure out to be sure.It has the typical 30 FM presets,CD player,and USB front face input.

The first thing I noticed about this unit is how loud it is at relatively low volumes.Much louder than the Blau for sure. It seems to pump out more than the advertised 20W RMS into my Infinity & Blaupunkt 6x8 speakers which is great considering this is in a F-150 P/U.

The front USB connection is really why I bought this particular unit and it's really great except for the fact that about half of the songs I copied onto the USB device won't play on this unit.Not sure if I've run into a copyright issue or what but I haven't had time to work through that yet.At any rate when I do get it figured out this will be a great feature.

One thing that really threw me about the installation was the powered sub I hooked up.I bought a Kenwood KSC-10 to put under the bench seat in the back of the truck.The power wire of this little sub does NOT connect to the battery like you would think a sub/amp should.Instead it connects directly to the Power Control wire from this head unit.Took me quite a while to figure that out because I just couldn't believe that was the right way.More about this little sub in a later post.

At any rate I am pretty pleased so far and I'm sure I don't know the half of what this unit is capable of...but I'll have a blast figuring it all out.