I just installed this unit in my Volvo C70. I have to say this unit along with my stock Dynaudio drivers the sounds are amazing. They HU, has a ton of features takes a while to get used to, but its worth it.

Even thou it only has a 3 band EQ, its cool the SQ is tops.

The USB port is nifty I ran the cable out under the dash to the pocket under my glove box, where my Sony Micro Vault sits. I was looking for an Ext HDD but was unsure of compadibilty, and so far I havent used up the whole 8 gigs on the flash drive. The unit has full control of the USB device, the only thing Im not happy about is the folder naming. It displays Folder 1 and not the name of the folder, but once the track starts to play it does show the artist and the track name.

Shut the car off with the USB hooked up and it resumes play where you left off.

The Radio tuner is top notch aswell, CD audio is sweet.

The HP and LP filters are going to take me alittle to get used, I never had an HU with these features. But, where I have it set up now it sounds kick ***.

For the Volvo guys on the board with the factory amp, you would need to get the DIN to RCA adapter. I know of 3 places, Quick Bricks Motorsports( not sure if they are still operating) some outlet in the UK ( I heard theres ***** and caused some noise) and some dude on EBAY, which is what I bought. He gives directions and explaing how to resolve if you get noise. The rest that was need were the Metra power/speaker harness( of course just used the power wires) and the Metra pocket kit, the other din kit they list you really dont need to use it.