First glance: I'm VERY intrigued by the **** looking graphics, the 3D menus, the cool looking gauges & such. RPM's, voltage readout, etc..

After using it for a while:

- I LOVE the 16 band EQ, even allowed for stock speakers to sound AMAZING.
- I like the endless possiblilities of customizing the headunit with either custom or pre-set pictures/backgrounds.
- iPod/ext. HD accessable. I love having ALL of my music at my fingertips. (100+ gb)
- Teh sub settings are baller.
- Remote has MANY features on it, alone.

- SLOW volume control. ***** for showing off, unless you start high.
- Volume knob slips if you try to turn it too fast.
- Teh ghey Pioneer grounding problem, causes ground loops/sub thumps whenever the internal motor is being used. (fixed by a simple ground)

All together, there are tons of **** features to this headunit & actually very few downfalls..
I'm sure there are more technical reviews that could be given on this.. but I've owned 2 in the past 7 months (still own two).. I'm in love w/teh unit.

That is all. Enjoy!