I will need to update this as I go but:

I bought and installed this head unit in my Fiance's car yesterday afternoon. The head unit just destroys her 5 year old Pioneer 6700 unit in sound quality, features, and versatility as expected. The install itself was easy as I have installed 5 total head units by now.

The display on this unit is great, as far as single colored displays go. The unit has some very nice backdrops that can be set, some which are animated. Menus are quick to come up, and the single knob that does almost all is very convenient for ease of use while driving. The faceplate itself is very clean looking, with a coating on the buttons that gives them a blue irridescent look. The central knob is a reflective black which adds to the clean look of the unit.

The sound of this unit is phenomenal as opposed to the old unit. This is mostly in part of the age as well as a set of damaged RCA pre-outs on the old unit causing a ground loop. Aside from the Pre-outs, the sound is much cleaner, much crisper and much more detailed as opposed to the previous unit, and even compared to my DEH-P6900MP which is using much higher quality total components. The unit itself has enough audio adjustments to satisfy the amateur audio enthusiast, and there is no low level noise.

The bluetooth capability on this unit has far surpassed what I originally expected of the unit. It is very easy to connect the phone to the head unit. For example, it took me 10 seconds to connect to my phone. For those who have forgotten the password on their Bluetooth phone, you can manually connect through the head unit. NOTE: Pioneer's code for connecting to your phone is 0000! This came in handy as my Fiance forgot her set password, but I used the head units connection rather than her own, and it worked!

The bluetooth capabilities of this thing we are still exploring. So far, her phone automatically connects to the phone when the accessories turn on and the Head unit searches. From there, she hits one button, and commands her phone to call through one dial on the head unit. We have not figured out if the head unit will command the phone via voice recognition. The head unit has the ability to download your entire phone book off of your phone, and there is even an option to transfer audio and movie files to the ehad unit, though we have not further researched this.

The sound of the bluetooth during calls is awesome too. When someone calls you from this head unit, it is very clear and the voice is not scrambled at all. Road noise is NOT transferred through the mic in the car, and does not interfere with conversations, but you can hear other people in the car if they are close enough to the mic. There is also an echo cancel feature if the vehicle you are in has an echo to it within the cabin; this feature is ON from the factory. When you are talking to someone on this unit in the car, the voice of the other caller comes through all your speakers loud and clear, and you can adjust the volume of their voice just like the volume of a CD. The voice coming through the speakers is as clean as the gains on your external amp, or crystal clear when using just the head units power. (NOTE: On older phones, there is a problem with an 'echo'. This is most likely due to old Bluetooth software that does not shut off the cellphones audio input from the reciever. Thus, the cellphone transmits your voice .3 seconds or so quicker than your head unit recieves and sends it, creating an echo effect. This was found out on my Samsung D807 unit, whereas my Fainces V-cast phone works flawless with NO echo.)

The greatest feature of this unit? Safer calling while driving. It is no secret that everyone calls while driving, or answers while driving. This is proven time and time again to be deadly and increase the chances of accidents greatly. Hands free talkign allows you to have both hands on the wheel, and to concentrate more on the road then on holding a phone to your ear. Also, as in the case of Pennsylvania, it is now Illegal to hold a phone to your head while driving.

This unit scores an A+++