Hi Friends,

I am going to get my new Nissan car soon and intend to install a reasonable good audio system. two Head Units are shortlisted i.e. Pioneer DEH-P880PRS or Alpine CDA-9887. can anyone could advise me which model is better. Someone told me that Pioneer set does not come with a power backup and the speaker setting will be lost once u change the battery where Alpine does not have such problem. did any one encounter such problem?

To save cost, I plan to replace the front speakers only by Eton 161 and retain the factory fitted rear speakers. The Eton 161 will be driven by one Audison SRx2 and rear speakers will be driven by the Head Unit amplifier. an active sub-woofer Steelmate will also be driven by the head unit. anyone foresee problem with this combination?

Your valuable advice is appreciated.