WEll just put in the CDA-9887, had prior IDA-X001, CDA-9857, CDA-9855, CDA-9835

All I can say is the HU sounds like the CDA-9855 I had minus the ****** glide touch! Using it with the H701 / RUX C701, CDT US200 M6 mids, ES-01, DRT-26 tweets front stage, Rear CDT HD-6 compnents set with Memphis M-class silk domes, and 2-ED 11 KV2's (just changed to a sealed enlosure from ported) 2-JL 300/2's and one JL 500/1. The sound is nothing short of amazing! Far and away blows the IDA out of the water, very similar to my old 9855 minus the glide touch crap.