I bought this head unit where I work for $180, looking for the 7 band EQ and OEL display. Hooked her up with the Polk DB650 6.5" coaxial speakers that were in the doors when I bought the car. My first impression of the head unit was that it sounded a bit too warm and not bright enough with those particular speakers. After tuning it, I got her to sound pretty good, but still not bright. Upon inspecting the speakers, I found that the tweeters were toast. I went ahead and mounted the Kenwood KFC-P707 6.75" component speakers in the doors, with the tweeter in the door panel (of course, not the best for imaging). Running off of the power provided, they sounded awesome.

Back to the headunit...
The headunit features 22w rms x 4 channels, front and rear auxillary inputs, motorized flip face, high resolution OEL display, high pass and low pass crossovers, 7 band graphic eq, 4v preouts (I've been told theyre 4v RMS), and the standard issue mp3/wma/blahblahblah cd capability. There is a DEFINATE learning curve to this thing, but the headunits is pretty easy to use after an hour or so of fooling with it. Sound quality is excellent, and the display is clear and easy to read.
Overall, I give it a 9/10 due to the learning curve of this unit's functions.