Eclipse has something called Diamond Service (above gold, above platinum).

I had a CD5000 that needed warranty repair. I logged in, put in my info and got an RA. They sent me a box with a DHL prepaid label in it with packing material and bubble wrap and clear instructions as to what to put in the box.

In about 10 days (they are in New York), I got a repaired radio back. They fixed stuff that was broken as well as stuff the could break in the future and also checked the functionality of a ton of different stuff before sending it back. The radio is as good as new.

These guys are on the ball for sure. Very easy to deal with, I'm sure getting other stuff repaired through them is a similar experience as far as service (and if you have product under warranty I would consider sending the product to them and paying the $10 in shipping just to be on the safe side versus your local shop that might just figure out what's wrong and not fix stuff that could go wrong soon).

For newer stuff, Eclipse can send your dealer another one so all you have to do is pull out the old one and put in a new one in the same trip. Don't have to wait for a repair, because they will send you a repaired you ahead of time in exchange. Very cool.