Let me start off by saying I'm no expert at car audio. I have only recently become interested in it, and my review might sound primitive. I'll start off this review with my current set-up:
2005 Ford Ranger
Head Unit: Pioneer AVIC-N3
Front Speakers: Alpine 5x7 Type-R Components
Rear Fill: Infinity Kappas 5x7 Coaxial
AMP: 4 Channel Phoenix Gold. R8.0:4.

Installation: This head unit was a birthday present from my uncle. We origianlly attempted to order from hifisoundconnection.com and had so problems, so he finally decided to just fork out the extra money and go buy it from Best Buy. It was about $1950 with tax from Best Buy, and was an additional $150 to install it. The install went great, and everything functions flawlessly. The GPS antenna was mounted through the rear tail light, and onto the roof. The Hide-away unit was mounted under my passenger seat.

GPS: One of the most wanted things from the AVIC-N3 is the GPS. Now although it will get you to your destination, it might not always be the quickest or the best way. It does, however have a lot of neat features: POI search, business search by telephone number, address search, return home feature, and many other great things. I would say that this GPS is about 80% accurate for the best or quickest way to get to places. Overall, the "neat" factor is a 5/5, just the functionality is about a 4/5.

Sound Quality: For all of you hard-core audio enthusiasts, this might not be for you. The pre-amp output is only 2V. Before I had this unit, I spliced into my old stock head unit's wire output, and got an adapter to turn them into an RCA. With the stock one, I had my gains up about 1/4 to 1/2 of the way up. Now with this N3, I have to have my gains up to about 3/4 to even achieve a near maximum output. The volume doesn't really crank up till it hits about 55 - 62(max), and this is obviously where the head unit will send out clipped signals. The Sound quality is great, it just does not have that extra "umph" to get enough signal out.

The Screen: The actual screen has an AMAZING screen quality. It resembles that of a high resolution LCD monitor (to an extent), and is still a touch screen. The touch screen is really easy to use, and does not require extensive pressure to actually have the unit recognize that you are trying to press on something. The viewing angles on it are great from left to right, but once you go up or down, it turns black pretty quickly. The screen, does however, adjust from past vertical, to just about horizontal, so you can easily adjsut it with the touch of a button. Another great feature is that you can set the screen to come out an extra inch before folding back, so that it will miss your dash or whatever you may have that would keep it from making a decent viewing angle.

DVD: There's not much to say about this... except its great. I already mentioned the great quality of the screen. It does lock out once you go over 4 mph, even if you have bypassed the break, but this is a great thing so we dont have more accidents than we already have.. The screen size can be adjusted to I think 5 different settings: Full screen, normal screen, zoom.. etc... It'll suit any of your needs as far as this goes.

Overall: Overall this unit is great. If you are using it solely to navigate form one place to another, it may not be so good, but it WILL get you there. The only other downfall is the pre-amp voltage. If you are okay with both of those problems, then this unit is perfect for you.

Screen Quality: 10/10
Navigation: 8.5/10
DVD Playback: 10/10
Sound Quality: 9/10
Sound out (voltage): 7/10
Price: 8/10 : I believe that the price is alright for all of the features that you will be getting.

Overall: 9/10.