Install on a Lincoln Aviator. Fits great...and if you didn't know by the title, this is a Jensen unit. I was hesitant, but couldn't resist the price along with all of the INCLUDED accessories: adapter box for TV antenna, ipod adapter, DVD's, etc...and the box expands with ability to do much more.

Most importantly to me, the IPod interface is pretty nice. Obviously, not as userfriendly as an IPod...but I'd bet it is up to par with most major manufactureres. You have to control movies and pictures from the IPod itself, but they are displayed on the screen.

The user interface/display is a bit cheesey looking...but not much more so than many others I've seen. However, screen picture quality is great!

The touch screen controls aren't quite as sensitive as I'd like, but they are adequate and I'm sure as I get used to them I'll like them better.

The sound quality on the stock speakers has greatly improved, mostly in the bass response and overall volume.

There are about a MILLION hookups on the back of the headunit for AV points and it has RCAs for 6 channels...surround sound (which i won't use)

My plan is for rear stock speakers of the HU power, front Boston Acoustic Z6 off the front 4 channels of a Xetec P5 Evo, and a RL-8i off of the sub channel on the Xetec.