There's one word to describe this thing - Glidestrip. It's really the defining feature of this HU and part of the reason I bought it. It takes some getting used to, but once you're comfortable with it, it's easy and comfortable to use. However, that's about the only thing on this HU that's really "easy" to use. This is probably one of the most non-user friendly HU's out there in this price range. Features that are easily accessed and used on say, a Pioneer or Clarion, are a bit tricker to access and use on this. The actual basic functions on this are not too bad at all, fortunately. Read times on CDs/mp3 discs are both good (except for reading titles of mp3 discs) and the display is pretty easy to read except in bright sun. The Mix function is nice in the fact when you go to the next track, it's another random one; what is not good, is the fact that you have to turn off Mix before you can scroll through your songs. Using the Glidestrip to scroll through songs is not too bad unless your hands are sweaty. All of the features are nice to have, especially time delay and the crossover if you configure them correctly. The pre-outs are not all that great, but they certainly get the job done. Aside from some features being a pain to use, this unit is very good for the money. If you want a moderately priced, feature-packed HU, and are willing to deal with a few pains, this might just be the HU you want - unless, of course, you prefer conventional buttons.