i got this from CC off of their website and went to pick it up locally. it's alot smaller in person than what some of the pics show on different websites. it's about 1/2 inch smaller than a credit card. it's really light too, even with the battery in it. you might read on some reviews that the battery cover case is kida weak........ well, it's true. the battery cover wiggles but for some reason, you know ur not in danger of it randomly comin off.
it gets crazy loud when u turn it up. of course i use the standard headphones that came with it, so i don't have the best SQ. but its cool until i get some shure
e3g buds. there are 4 presets on there rock, pop, jazz and classical and a 5 band EQ on it (50hz, 200hz, 1khz, 3khz and 14khz) with a 12db boost and cut on it.
it's pretty good so far. the only thing that really burns my *** is that the radio antennae is kinda weak. i can only listen to 2 out of 3 of my normal stations. 1 is a christian radio station, another is an NPR/jazz station and the 3rd our local negro music station. guess waht station i can't get???
it's pretty good so far. also, some people have been complaining that the player plays the songs in random order instead of how u put them in the player. i need a coupla days to see for myself.

sq sound=7/10 (will go higher when i get better headphones)
spl sound= 9.5/10
features= 7/10 (thank god for the EQ on there)
build quality= 5/10 (will go higher once i get sommore play time with it)
size and weight= 10/10