First of all i believe that this is my first review of a product and i want yall to know that.

I'de have to say overall i give this product an 8, maybe 9, out of 10.
I've only had it in for a short while but it is an amazing deck.
First thing i noticed was the mounting. It doesnt slide right in like most 1 DIN players out there and it was kind of hard getting it into position but after that obstacle was overcome it was smooth sailing.
3 sets of pre-outs with hpf for the front channels, lpf for rear channels, and lpf sub outputs w/ woofer control. Awesome because i no longer use the built in amps so theres plenty of adjustability and plenty pre-amp outputs.
DSO, good idea if ur using factory speakers just to raise the soundstage a little bit but all in all its just a treble adjustment that puts the highs a little too loud/harsh for me.
7 band eq. In a nutshell, for 200 dollars i think its the greatest thing on the market, sure there are other decks on the market with plenty eq adjustability but for the lower lines of cd players sony kicked most other brands in the arse with this.
Basic controls: Fade, Balance, Bass, Treble, Subwoofer. Easy to find, easy to use.
The cosmetics of this HU are Great too. You can change between colors, adjust contrast, and choose a spectrum analyzer. + The thing itself is beautiful to look at, especially at night when you open the tray to change cds.
Now as far as the user is concerned i believe that sony has nailed this dead on, by far the easiest HU's i've ever operated. 1 menu button leads you to a scroll through menu everything is easy to read and easy to understand. Again i say that sony makes, IMO, thier HU's the easiest to navigate out of any brand i've messed with (alpine, kenwood, clarion, pioneer).
All in all for $200 with this you get a great, easy to use, easy to look at, easy to listen to deck.