I was in the market for some headrest monitors recently and ended up getting a pair for $191.50 from mp3playerstore.com on eBay. Normally they sell for $279 or $319 from the mp3playerstore.com site, so I definitely got a good deal.

Naturally, I am aware of the skepticism that people might have, with these being the cheapies from eBay. I took the chance, and so far the results have been positive.

I received the headrests approx 3 days after they were shipped (priority, yay!) and promptly ripped them out of the box for inspection and testing. The first thing I noticed is that the kit was quite complete. It came with a retail box (I was only expecting them to come wrapped in bubble wrap), with headrest post adapter bars and a box containing 2 remotes, 2 wire harnesses, 2 front a/v in plugs and 2 pairs of earbud headphones. They even came with plastic covering the screens. Certainly more than I was expecting from what is reputed as being a 'cheap' brand.

Headrests fresh out of the box

The headrests themselves appear to be of good quality. The leather does not look or feel cheap whatsoever. I have a black cloth interior and the black leather headrests integrate quite nicely. The seams are all well sewn. The headrests themselves feel quite good on the back of your head, not too soft and not too firm. They tilt up and down as well, so you can lean your head back and get in the sweet spot.

In car shot 1

In car shot 2

Now what I am sure what most people are wondering about is the picture quality. Well I can say I am honestly surprised with how good they look. I am not saying they are WOW AMAZING, but they are definitely better than what I expected. I have NESA 6.5" monitors in my visors already which are of very high quality and these Innovateks held their own when viewing them both at the same time. I have not yet found a viewing angle where the picture goes away, they are good almost all the way around. I would imagine that the demographic that buys these screens are looking for an affordable solution and nobody who fits that description will be disappointed. They are not quite as good as a high end monitor like an Alpine, but for the price, you can certainly not go wrong. Whether you are looking to get some rear seat entertainment for your kids, or show off to your friends, or like me have them for use at car shows, you can't go wrong.

Installed pic 1

Installed pic 2

Installed pic 3

The only real b¡tch I have about them (so far anyway), is that the shrouds are kind of big and cheesy looking and I am not a big fan of the lettering and big Innovatek logo. But I think that is kind of a moot point, that would definitely not be a concern if I was thinking about buying another pair. I should also note that I only installed and wired these things as of the day of this writing (Nov 6, 2005) so there is still time for problems to surface, but I don't foresee any issues cropping up.

All in all, these are definitely recommended. I am sure that many people have seen these before and been skeptical because of the price, knowing the kind of cheap garbage that gets pawned off on eBay sometimes. But rest assured, buy these and you will be a satisfied customer. You should however note that I bought the IN-737 package. They have another 7" package (IN-727), as well as an 8" (IN-828) and 5.6" (IN-56HR) packages. I can only speak of the quality and performance of the IN-737, I cannot say anything about the other models. But if they are anything like these, you should have no concerns.

So that is what I have to say, if anybody has any questions about my review, please feel free to PM me.