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Reload Thread: ground zero uranium sq

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    ground zero uranium sq

    so just wondering i see plenty of "German engineering " and wondering where are the speakers actually made in? because on the box it sayS PRC which to me stands for People's Republic of China .

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    Re: ground zero uranium sq

    Head Unit/Speakers: Cheap Pioneer package from Walmart
    Subwoofers: 2 SoundQubed HDS210s in custom 2.2 cuft box tuned to 33 hertz (I know a little small for them, had to save space.)
    Subwoofer Amp: Hifonics BRZ1700. Wired to 2 ohm (1200 watts.)
    Electrical: Stock

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    Re: ground zero uranium sq

    Many of the speakers are made in China. There are speakers offered by Ground Zero that are built in Germany.
    Ground Zero has an engineer in house who has been designing, tweaking designs etc to come up with their models, this the German Engineering statements.

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    Re: ground zero uranium sq

    Quality has nothing to do with where a product is made. One can have low quality products made in the USA or high quality products made in Mexico. It has to do with what the manufacturer is willing to pay the build house and what they're willing to pay for materials. Moreover, a manufacturer can buy designs from a build house or it can spec them. I would assume that GZ specs them, hence the phrase "German Engineering".

    It never ceases to amaze me that people automatically think that because cheap products come from China, all products that come from China are cheap. If that logic were sound... then ALL Americans are criminals, because America has the highest incarceration rate in the world.

    Owner, Audio Anarchy, LLC
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    Authorized Dealer in NW Louisiana for CT Sounds & Execution Audio. We also carry other products but you really don't want that stuff... ;-)

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    Re: ground zero uranium sq

    "Quality has nothing to do with where a product is made. One can have low quality products made in the USA or high quality products made in Mexico."

    ^^^So **** true, that statement hit home for me! Few years ago, I had a toilet made in the USA and that thing gave me Clogged Toilet Hell for 3 years; I had to fix it eight or nine times and each time was a filthy mess! Switched it out for one made in mexico and never had a problem since! It uses less water and even flushes smoother, quicker and better!

    Clip city b1tch, clip clip city b1tch. 10's, 12's, 15's, goin up in flames b1tch.

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    Headunit: Pioneer 80PRS
    Front stage: Massive Audio CKX 6x9 components with jbl ms62C for rear fill (Its a van, I need rear fill) db drive Pro 6.5s comming soon
    320 amp Singer alt comming soon. Just a group 31 deka in the back atm with big 3 finished.

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    Re: ground zero uranium sq

    Just because a product is made in China doesn't make it bad. As we all know, many Apple products are made in China. As long as you have strict QC standards, products made in China can be very nice and reliable.

    PHD Audiophile Systems Dealer

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