GP Audio's Ultra HiFi RCA's
Hand made in the U.S.A.

We have teamed up with DH LABs to create the Ultimate HiFi RCA for the car audio world. These new connectors feature a machined one piece body and a pure copper center pin. The center pin material is made in the U.S.A. to ensure the highest quality and is composed of 99.5% pure copper, with a conductivity rating that is at the top of the industry.
The cable is a 99.99% PURE COPPER quad conductor, heavily insulated with stranded cotton wrapped with a pure copper tinned braided shield. These two top level components are then soldiered with a blend of silver and copper quad eutectic solder for the Ultimate in high fidelity signal transfer. All hand tested prior to shipment.

These will start shipping out on 5/1/16,
$65.00 shipped for the 17ft sets until 5/1/16, and then after that the still EXTREMELY low everyday price of $75.00 Shipped on the 17ft sets..
A variety of lengths will be available and added to the site.
GP CAR AUDIO Ground & Power Ground Pounder