Heres the new Northstar SMSAGM480
155 lbs, 210 AH, 2,440 pulse amps
This battery features the same technologies found in the SMSAGM400, an extreme recharge rate and discharge rate, while being able to maintain safe voltage levels. This is actually the same case/ footprint of the Northstar smsagm400, but Northstar figured out a way to modify the top making it a little taller and able to increase the total AH, and capacity of the battery by 80 minutes making the total reserve capacity 480 minutes.
We are doing an introductory price on this one for $800 shipped. And will run approx 5,500 watts on a stock alternator, to upwards past 8,000 watts with a large high output alternator. The lifespan of this battery is over 900 cycles which more than doubles most AGM batteries cycle life ability giving you years upon years of excellent performance. It also still fits the GP52 terminals.
Any questions let me know!
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Shown with GP52 terminals