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Reload Thread: Help with System Setup for 05 Camry

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    Help with System Setup for 05 Camry


    I was wondering what I should do Car Audio wise with my new car, which is a 05 Toyota Camry. I want to keep the factory unit in but I want to add 1 subwoofer to my system. I was thinking about getting a JL Audio 12" or 13". My primary focus is SQ but like everyone else I always love to have a little SPL just to let people know I have something in the trunk.

    I have no idea on how I want to approach the setup yet. Such as, how would install go without changing the factory unit, what speaker AND amp combination would sound good in the trunk (single sub, single amp) and how much it would possibly cost me.

    Anyone with ideas, feel free to leave them. Anything would help me right now. Also, I want to save as much as possible in my trunk that is why I choose to go with only 1 subwoofer.


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    System :
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    Monster Cap

    All in a 88 Honda Civic Hatchback

    Though nothing is in my Toyota Camry yet

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    Re: Help with System Setup for 05 Camry

    Get a used Brahma 12 and put it in 1 cube sealed with one of the MTX 1501Ds. Both are available at well below retail from the classifieds. You will be pleasantly surprised by the clean and loud output that setup.

    My $0.02.

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    Re: Help with System Setup for 05 Camry

    Try a sealed JL 8W7 downfiring with a 500/1 slash amp. A very sweet pair. A bit pricey but will give you quite the pounding and keep with some awesome sound quality. If you do this, make sure the cone and rebuttle excursion has enough room to move. If you want a cheaper route, try a SoundSplinter with a good paired class D amp. Also, Raven has another good suggestion as well, just Brahma speakers are hard to get your hands on is all.

    If you are keeping the head unit, you will want to make sure your gain is set perfectly, otherwise you'll get clipping going from the head unit to the amp. You will either need an amp with line level leads, or buy an adaptor to handle the line level lead to RCA conversion complete with remote turn on or switched power lead. You can use a standard 12V switched line for the remote turn on lead as needed.

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