I'm wondering will 2-12" Audiobahn 1205X Aluminum's(1200 WRMS) and a Audiobahn 1500 watt amp be enough quake for my 94' Lincoln towncar I've also got a 3-pump hydraulic's setup so let me know if you think that will be enough for me and what should i do to make my bass come out more louder if ya'll fellas out there with lincolns ya'll know we got big trunks but with a hydraulic setup with 8 batteries you really can't go with them 15"s so i dropped down to 12's so will that be enough for so major bass output and what type box flat or what, because it's got to go where my spare tire sit's in that area where the factory amp is ya'll if yall familiar with the lincolns ya'll know where i'm talkin about right below tha rear deck before it drops off down to the floor.