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Reload Thread: Sub Mounting Help: To Invert or Not?

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    Sub Mounting Help: To Invert or Not?

    Well Fairly Simple Question. Was messing around @ work today (I work in plastic) and decided to make a sub box for an extra E12O I got laying around. Well wasn't paying attention to the depth of the sub and well it won't fit . Figured I got 2 options, 1) Invert the Sub, 2) Make ~2'' worth of Acrylic baffles so the sub will fit.

    I can do it either way, but Inverting might look nicer. The bottom of the enclosure (AutoCad drawing is below) is mirrored so it might give a good effect with the Flat cone of the 12O. Now couple questions.

    Mounting the Sub: Do I screw it in from the inside or outside. I'd assume outside so I can remove it later, but wouldn't that push the surround down in a weird way?

    Wiring: How to run the wires clean, since they will be seen any ideas?

    Also was wondering if I could do something crazy like:

    Seal the outside of the magnet (inverted), than on the sides (right and left) make large ~5'' OD holes with tubes on the inside as 'port' holes. I know the E12O is meant to be a Sealed only sub. Will this work fine. I know it doesn't surve a purpose and will probably mess up SQ, just throwing idea's out there.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Sub Mounting Help: To Invert or Not?

    remove the gasket, and flip it around.

    use Tnuts on the inside of the box - and insert them through pre-drilled holes. they look like this

    then just get a matching bolt that fits the thread on the Tnut, and put a drop of nailpolish on the bolt as you put it in (so when the nailpolish dries, it acts as a weak glue so the bolts dont shake loose)

    quite simple really

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