Iíve been searching several car audio forums for this one and I havenít found a solution yet.

The car is a 2001 Audi S4; Iím looking for a double-din replacement for my BOSE Symphony head unit. I have already selected the amp/door speakers and sub but HU is a major headacheÖ

What I would like it to have:
. 6Ē-7Ē color LCD touch screen
. plays movie DVDs (would be nice to play DVD with MP3)
. plays CD-CDR with MP3
. Navigation using touch screen & voice
. Possibility to add later: TV Tuner/ XM radio / rear view camera / DVD changer

Now very few systems offer this combo, hereís what I have found so far, each with their pros & cons:

. Eclipse AVN2454:
Pros=Double-din screen, fast touch screen in NAV, great SQ, great quality overall
Cons=low preamp out of 0.8v, no MP3 storage
. Kenwood DDX7015:
Pros=double-din screen, possible KEG for MP3 storage
Cons=slow screen in NAV, poor graphic quality
. Pioneer AVIC-N1:
Pros=fast screen in Nav, overall great NAV system, DVD plays MP3 (storage)
Cons= Motorized screen (major con)

Now Iíve ready that some new systems are coming from Japan.
I heard the Eclipse AVN5495 will offer 5v preamp output and 30GB HD. But will this hard drive be accessible so I can transfer my MP3s? I donít want to rip my CDs to this HD=waste of time
Pioneer is coming with AVIC-N2, but still with motorized screen? and new security mechanism preventing DVD to play while car is moving?

Lately I started to look at Carputer (mp3car.com)Ö I donít mind building my own system.
Pros=DVD/MP3/CD/TV tuner/NAV etc, USB/WIFI/HD offer large storage
Cons=poor AM/FM setup, doubtful sound quality

Suggestion anyone?