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    Clear and Loud sound?

    Hey Guys & Gals,

    I have a few questions for you.

    I have a 12" box of MTX Thunder 2000's
    PA Fire & Ice 1600 Amp
    Kenwood KDC-MP8017 Head Unit

    All installed in a 94 Ford Ranger Extended Cab

    I have the system installed and i'm not getting very low low's. I'm curious if the direction of the box has to do with much of that. Right now i have the box pointed at the Seats.

    I"m also not too good at fine tuning the amp. Can you give me any suggestions on doing that.

    Ok and the final annyoing part of the system. The amp has a face plate on the top that is rattling. How can i stop that. I thought of putting a fom ring around the face plate and see how that works but i didn't know what else would help

    All suggestions are greatly apperciated.


    Loud and Proud

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    Box placement does make a difference but you should still be getting decent lows. How many watts is that amp? If it's only 100 watts you're not going to get much for lows but if it's 200+ watts you should be able to get the lows that you are looking for. My suspicions are that your cross-over is set incorrectly. It should be set at or below 80-120 hz. Even 120hz is a little high so try 80 - 40 hz. When you get below 40hz that is pretty much as low as most people would want to go. This is where you start getting into the bottom end bass. An electronic cross-over may be necessary to get the low notes to stand out. My other suspicion is the type of box itself. Make sure that it is properly sealed and the correct size. The average bandpass box won't give very good bottom end lows either.

    As for your second question - I would check to make sure all external and internal screws (if there are any) are properly tightened. Putting a gasket may solve the problem but beware, many (or most) amps have internal electronics that rely on direct contact with the heatsink (I'm assuming this is what you are referring to as the faceplate) in order to cool properly. Without the contact with the heatsink your amp would overheat and fry out in a matter of minutes. Contact the amp dealer as they may have dealt with this problem already.

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