HI all,

This is my first post after browsing the forums for several months while putting together my system. I am disappointed with the overall transparency and midrange warmth of my setup and could use some help. I have broken everything in for the past 2 months.

I am not nitpiciking here...something is really wrong.

I can't stand the midrange coming out of the Adire Kodas and am wondering if something is wrong with the setup. There are so many variables, I thought I would just throw this out there and see if anyone can point me in the right direction prior to bringing the truck back to the Installer. I listen to Jazz, Rock, Classical. I appreciate a great recording regardless of the music style. There has been so much good buzz on the kodas that I am giving them the benefit of the doubt here. Should I??

Here goes: all professionally installed and setup.

2003 Toyota tacoma std cab(not alot of cabroom here)
Alpine 7998 phantom face HU (built in xover, 6 band eq, time correction etc.)
Adire Koda comps (stock locations, 6 inch drivers low in door, tweets high on door panel with dynamat in doors) 2 months of break in.
Alpine 3527v 4x50 amp (bridged to 100x2 feeding the Kodas)
Alphasonic (new) 75x2 (bridged to mono driving sub)
Boston Acoustics Pro 8" sub in sealed subbox.com unit(fits behind bench seat)

I have the Hu set to crossover @ 70 hz with a 24 db slope. I am not using the built in amp crossovers. The HU xover seems to work well, you can actually set 8 presets and vary the point and slope etc. Fun to play with. I have messed with all sorts of time correction and EQ settings with really no appreciable improvement in sound quality.

A little bit of backround. The sub and alpine amp were pulled from a prior setup, so I know they work well. I used to have boston pro 5.2 separates with some coaxes for rear fill in a BMW 3i8 ti hatchback and was always happy with the warmth of the sound even prior to adding the coaxes in the back.

My big concerns are.
1. The midrange literally sounds like its coming out of a tin can, especially female vocals and saxaphones. The bass is tight and punchy and the tweets seems to be doing their job. Even Diana Krall live in paris sounds like **** on this setup.

2. Could it be the amp input levels?? I haven't touched them since the shop setup.

3. Could it be speaker location?

Any help is greatly appreciated.