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Reload Thread: Trying to put a system in my 1998 Civic and need some help!!

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    Trying to put a system in my 1998 Civic and need some help!!

    I have a little dilemma because I have some pieces but don't know how or what to put with them to get it all to work right.
    - Head unit....... I don't have one. I want to take the factory unit out and put in a CD/XM Pioneer tuner in. I have a 7300 in my truck and love it. They have a new 7300MP that does more so I was leaning towards that. Anyone have something in the Pioneer line that is better to use in this car?

    -Sub..... I have a Resonant Engineering SE-12" that is rated for 600W. I want to use it!

    -Box.... No box for the sub yet. Should I go ported, unported, band-pass. Don't have a clue. I want nice tight bass and good SQ.

    -Amp..... This is the part that is throwing me in fits! I have a 4 channel Kicker amp rated at 800W. Should I look at two seperate amps, get one single bigger than this or just use it?

    -Components.... I haven't bought them yet but I want to put CDT HD-62 6.5" setup in the car. This is a 6.5", 1" silk tweet and the better X-overs. Will the 6.5" fit in the door pods? Where should the 1" tweet be placed?

    My biggest concern is the amp situation. All of this stuff is new and I picked up the amp thinking I could use it. Maybe I will need to sell it. Don't know!

    What size box?

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    Re: Trying to put a system in my 1998 Civic and need some help!!

    I have a 99 civic coupe. Look below for what I have. I would say that you should shoot for a 2 cube box ported for that sub, if you want good sq, especially in the civic. About the h/u, I use a video screen, so I really cant comment. For the comps, I have the midbass where the stock speakers were, and the tweets up in little pods in the corner of the window. Thats where it sounds best to me. I can take pics of my setup if you would like. Is that amp 800w bridged? I guess you can always run the 2 front channels to the comps, and bridge the back 2 to the sub if you want, although I dont know if that is enough power for the sub.

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