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Reload Thread: At this stage, better subs, or better highs?

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    At this stage, better subs, or better highs?

    I have a single cab, '92 GMC full size, with two 12" Kicker Comp VR subs in a custom sealed box behind the bench seat. I'm runnin' them off of a Fosgate Power bd500.1 with 4 guage power wire. I have 4x6s in the corners for highs. I replaced the front pair with Pioneers, and the back ones are factory. They're run off of my Kenwood KDC7011 deck. I have a Kicker Impulse 652IX amp that I'm not using. I want you guys' opinions on whether I should get kick panels with a component set, or upgrade my subs to Infinity Kappa perfects? THe kick panels are 170 for the pair, plus the price of the speakers. What are you guys' thoughts?

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    I'd think that you are set for now on bass, unless you are unhappy with your sub set up. I'd get the kick panels and components myself. You should decide what you are lacking more of - quality mid/high sound or bass.

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